Reviews for "TOFUTWO"


this was epic
the animation was good and fluid
the design and style are sweet as well
the only thing i didnt like about it compared to the first, was the choice of music.
cant wait for #3

danomano65 responds:



very cool never seen anything like this

danomano65 responds:

that's what i was going for. except people seem to think it looks like FLCL, which was an influence. you should go watch that if you like this.

Music Change And Sound Effects?

I watched this earlier today and there was different music. Also there was added sounds. Was this updated?

danomano65 responds:

yes. i liked this song better once I heard it. some people suggested it. and i think you are just hearing sounds that the music doesn't drown out anymore. haha


i just love frame by frame stuff, ytou did great in this one, creative characters and stuff, and the moviment is also nice can't wait till the next one!

good luck! oh and nice music =)


you have inspired me to draw strange new shapes too!
Loved it