Reviews for "TOFUTWO"


i just love frame by frame stuff, ytou did great in this one, creative characters and stuff, and the moviment is also nice can't wait till the next one!

good luck! oh and nice music =)


It was a good sequel (i've never said THAT before), but it was sadly lacking... something, i dunno what but something, and it seemed kinda rushed... oh well still cool.

loved it

i cant believe anyone would put such a piece of humor and action with an easy to understand story (well for me at least) PS: love the music

reely good

i liked how the things are actualy robots i didnt get it though until he hoped out of the blue thing i thought they were just monsters like the mustc and the animation was the same not a 10 cuz its reely good but not fantastic

Pretty Good

I liked how the tofu changes color to white, but I wished that it was longer and that it made more sense. I couldn't understand what was happening!