Reviews for "TOFUTWO"


That's a strange vid...hope everything will make sense in your next chapter! Keep up the good work!


ur an excellent artists and very imaginative i dont usually like videos with fighting in them cause quite frankly about 97% of them are dumb matrix copies urs is unique though i like ur ideas i could see u writing maybe some kinda anime if u put ur mind too it


the first one was the best but this one sure did hell of a job keeping up


I think I get what's going on (probably not). The dude that controls Purple Triangle/Pyramid Tofuzilla is kind of like a recruiter for the "TOFUZILLA Fighting League" and he saw Main Character Dude defeat Yellow Square/Cube Tofuzilla so Recruiter Dude thought Main Character Dude was worthy of having his own Blue Circle/Sphere Tofuzilla, but Main Character Dude didn't understand and attacked Recruiter Dude thinking that he was under attack himself. After driving Recruiter Dude off he goes to check if Yellow Square/Cube Tofuzilla had a pilot as well and sure enough it did! Anyways that's what I got from watching this awesome FBF and I can't wait for the third one!


so they are like machine thingys?