Reviews for "TOFUTWO"

Great work!

Very trippy, intense and interesting! Your artwork is also more fluid then your first animation, making me exctited for the third installment.
Great work, you are an awesome animator and I hope you make more improvements for the next one.


Really love it, the animation is excelent and the idea is supreme, i love the way they control the tofu-bots, i hope theres a plan for the third part, continue the hard work

Needs better story

I loved the first one, and was pissed when I couldn't get this one to play on any one of the three computers I tried. But I finally got it to work :) . And it was worth it!

But I couldn't help but think how great this could be with an actuall solid and clear story. Take the Castle Series... your art is just as good and your animation just as awesome (both in their own way though.) I very rarely say anything that isn't positive, but this series and you, have SO much potential, that I had to say something. Even though chances are you won't take notice of this review let alone care.

Clear story or not, this is certainly worthy of a 10. You are one hell of a talented guy, and this is one hell of an artistically stunning piece.

danomano65 responds:

there is a very clear story. and this was a very important piece. the puzzle will be complete in 3. from there is unknown..


I love the art style and the idea! It's just so smooth for frame by frame hand drawn animation, awesome work! Is it just me or does the ending remind you of 2010 a space odyssey?


amazing animation kewl fighting