Reviews for "TOFUTWO"

Another sweet one!

I'm glad I found your work man, they're a privelage to watch. I liked how the story for this one was a bit deeper too, and I'm glad you didn't make it too deep. It's like the tofu "drivers" just wanted to have fun so they through the tofu hater dude a vehicle of his own. Also, the music was much better than last time. Can't wait for number three!


Take this tofu haha I hate to myself nice flash!!! was very nice to see the fluidity of the animation!




Another masterpiece !
I was planning on typing some serious bullshit-review here but, fuck that.
Its all good. ^_^


I love your animation, fluidity and storyline, but its your style that really makes this unique. WHen an artist has a good style for charachters, animation, cinematics and story; it dosnt matter what you make a flash about, the style still seeps through the cracks and gives it life.
You my friend, deserve a cookie!