Reviews for "TOFUTWO"


I agree with CableGuy4. The ending is great, I did not see that coming. Keep em coming!

dont change wat aint broke

i agree with Killerwave, the old music was way better


deffo giving you full marks for frame by frame work which must be the biggest pain in the ass, the music was deadly the animation and drawing were unbeliveable and it dint drag on to long!


it was a bit hard to understand whats going on, but nonetheless an awesome piece, looks like some kind of mtv music video ;D

dude... WTF.

you changed the music. Its your flash, but still, you should'nt change stuff like that. That was a flash that i would see over and over again, becouse the music matched the video great. I'd giwe a 4 but you screwed it up. Sorry man but im voting this 2.

danomano65 responds:

you're an asshole. you don't even make flash.