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Reviews for "-Out of order-"

SEAMLESS integration of the car motor sound into the track. The beats throughout are so compact -- the song just hits you like a perfectly executed Street Fighter combo.

Moreover, there isn't one part that I thought was "too much" (instruments, effects, anything) or "too little", which I find is an extreme rarity in techno songs. People tend to either get carried away and throw the kitchen sink at the audience, or they really only have 2 good snipbits that they try to drag out to a 3 minute song.

So yeah, how this has a sub-4.0 score is beyond me.

Really nice, you kept it dark with kind of a light.........idk i guess bouncy tune lolz. Im out of words, but it kind of reminded me of really dark wonderland, great job!

NAC Judging
Really cool use of the motor sound, totally fitted with the music which is really awesome. The style of the song was pretty funky too. Very unique. Loved the choirs and epic parts. Really neat track! Loving it! Perfect in my mind.

it's ironic that in the beginning, it sounds like there is conflict, exactly what you felt when making this song. and as for keeping in your excitement, you were pretty crap with that. :D

Waterflame you make Really Good Songs!!