Reviews for "Yoda's Christmas Part 3"

Haha, nice ending

That was really good, I like the trilogy. Although it was the shortest we finally know why yoda hated christmas.

highlyesteemedcritic and s3ptic-fl3sh...shut up

(read my title). Also I think s3ptic-fl3sh was talking about his title being above. Anyway ignoring those to idiots about your movie.

Personally I crapped myself laughing! Like the "are you sure he's dead?" *ZAP* "yeah". Also can you tell me where you got that song at the end?

WhiteLightning responds:

Glad you liked it :P
Thats a Weird Al song just called "Yoda." You can probably find it on Youtube or something.

little better than the other two

voices were still a little expressionless, but i thought the animation was slightly smoother, jokes a little funnier, and a pretty good credits run


he still doesnt like people touching his hat xD

fucking great

now my flash is doomed