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Reviews for "SRM Transformers 4 Part 2"

Truely sir, good job

I love seeing something more fresh then a bel-air prince!
This we extremely well done, cant wait to see what u got next!

Battosai810 responds:

That is the best compliment I have likely ever heard.
Glad you liked it, and just you wait! More SRM and more SRM Transformers are already on the way!

good work

Ok, so this is what you were working on instead of giving me my cowboy bebop. Fair enough i suppose. I would write another absurdly long review if i had the time to do so; but i do not have that time on my hands at the moment. It seems like you are getting better still with your flash talents. You should keep producing them, and keep raking in those big bucks from the adds that i never click on. Good work on this submission, it was well done and pretty funny. I know i will be seeing more in the future, and look forward to that.

Battosai810 responds:

Don't worry, you'll get Cowboy Bebop from me eventually.
Glad you liked it - technically I'm not allowed to tell you to click on the ads anyway.
I'll keep making flashes like this for a good while, so just you wait for more.
Thanks for reviewing!


Yet another great flash from a really great artist! You are officially favorited :D lol! Anywho, a nice parody that definately was funny. Most of the stuff was original, and if it was taken from anything else, it had its own little twist to make it amusing. Artwork was good, music was also good, cant find any real complaints with this flash.. lol!

Lovely work, and keep it up! I cant wait for your next submission :D

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks! It always feels good to be fav'd :)
Glad you liked the humor throughout; more stuff is coming soon!


I think next episode you should make Wuggeh play Ravage

Battosai810 responds:

I think you are a genius and I kick myself for not thinking of this. I will incorporate this idea sometime in the future, and thanks for your suggestion!

NOGGIE! Cease at ONCE!

dude, awesome, pure awesome. i love this series and appreciate that there will be an ep.5 and also appreciated the preview of *giggle* hitlers strawberries *giggle* my goal for today is to review ALL of your flashes. also(again) i liked the GTA IV joke, ROMAN, START THE CAR! lol. well onto your other masterpieces

Battosai810 responds:

Welp, god knows when Hitler's Strawberries 2 will come out, but you'll know when it does!

Glad you liked the toon and caught the GTA reference. SRMTF5 will happen! Just give it time!