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Reviews for "SRM Transformers 4 Part 2"


Nice work! I like the part where Melatron got killed by SRM Prime with such energy like that.

Battosai810 responds:

He got served.

Just as good as the first part.

It seems a little strange watching another one of these and not seeing it improve upon the last. But then this was one episode split into two, so this was to be expected.

I liked how you updated the menu this time round to include the fact that Jazz had been deactivated. I was a little disappointed by the fact that the 'deactivated' text covered his profile though, which meant that it couldn't be read. It seemed a shame that Jazz wasn't more involved in this episode as the coming up speech in the previous episode led me to believe that he'd play a role in this flash.

Just like the first part, the sound levels were too high in this flash. I also feel that the opening speech mentioning what happened in the previous episode could have been improved, as your voice went a little off a couple of times.

It's a shame that we're yet to see the main character's in this series transform yet. Since we're four episodes in it seems very strange and it would have been the perfect time for you to have done so in this episode when Optimus Prime told the autobots to 'roll out'.

The use of the song worked much better this time round as it actually tied in with the rest of the movie instead of being out of place and I also didn't find it to be terribly unfunny. The playing of the wrong song initially managed to be pretty funny, despite being overdone. I was pleased to see that you didn't play an overly ridiculous song as an attempt at humour, as this could have potentially killed the flash.

Watching the credits definitely seemed strange without the clips, although it surprsingly made a very welcome change. Initially I considered the inclusion of the clips here to be a strength of this series, but this series seems to have improved enough for them to no longer be necessary. The strange little movie after the end credits was completely unexpected. There seemed to be a slight problem with it though, as it switched back to the opening screen mid-sentence.

Battosai810 responds:

The fact that Jazz is obscured by the "DEACTIVATED" text is used to a slight comedic effect - you can only really read that he was the cool guy and Melatron killed him over record sales, with no explanation in the middle, which appeals a bit to my sense of humor. As for him coming back? I might do it at a future time - I want to refer to it somehow in SRM Transformers 5. It seemed like he might have come back for this part, but since this was supposed to be just one big flash when all the dialogue was recorded and processed, I had to improvise the "next time" and "last time" speeches.

The sound levels still aren't something I have a lot of control over. I think my next one will have more consistent sound though, as my microphone was having some troubles with sensitivity when I recorded the lines for these two flashes.

The main characters in this series actually weren't made to transform, since the series was pretty much supposed to be just the first one when the characters were all designed. I really want to, and trust me, I've tried to figure out ways for SRM Prime to transform.

Glad you liked the song more this time around. It was a hard decision with my first SRM Transformers whether to use it's song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" or this flash's "Robot Rock." In a way it's a nod to the first episode while fitting with the flash. Glad you liked the bit with the children's song too - I know it's been done before, even on Spongebob, but I thought it was a pretty good opportunity that doesn't come up terribly often.

With the credits of this I had a stronger influence from the cartoon movie than the animated TV show. I figured the clips wouldn't fit without the original ending credits music, and I really wanted to use Lion's rendition of the theme from the movie, along with the shot of Optimus holding the Matrix that's on the cover. I think I'm going to go back to using the clips for the rest of the series, since it's usually closer to the TV show. I also thought it would be a pretty epic way to end what is essentially 12 minutes of SRM Transformers.

As for the ending bonus scene - that's just a trailer for Hitler's Strawberries 2, which is the flash game I'm slowly working on with a friend of mine. I thought it was kind of funny that the sound repeated and then stopped, and I thought it was consistent with the feel of a game called Hitler's Strawberries.

Thanks for the great review, I hope you'll like SRM Transformers 5 even more!

great movie

whys does everyone that look like spudbee dies(goldspud,cliffjumper)
LOL Melatron got SERVED

Battosai810 responds:

It's just too funny to pass up doing!
And yeah, Melatron got served worse than he did in the first episode.
Glad you liked it :)

Melatron got served! LOL!

This was nice and quick, AND kept you entertained the whole time. Way to go man.

I liked how you used "The many deaths of Optimus Prime" symdrome SO well in this. That and how even Melatron didn't want to hurt Cliffjumper when he said what he did. What a nice Con LOL!

Cliffjumper and Shockwave together reminded me of Transformers Animated, what with CJ being SW sectary and all.

1 more thing, "NOOGIE!!!" Way to beat em up Starscream!

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you liked it so much!

I've actually had the idea of SRM Prime dying in a flash since I wrote the third one last year. Was just waiting for the right time to implement it. Every series does it, after all.

I actually wrote this before Shockwave and Cliffjumper really showed up in Animated - a funny coincidence! I absolutely love Animated though.

Thanks for the great review :)


cool do it again do it again

Battosai810 responds:

Don't worry, I plan to :)