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Reviews for "SRM Transformers 4 Part 2"

i just can`t......

dude i just can`t belief how awesoome is this and i respect your effort to bring newgrounds such a great and awesome flash wicth this flash and you rock as hard as posible!



Battosai810 responds:

Thanks! I'm really happy you liked this. I've got another one in the pipes right now, so just you wait!


so funny but short and too bad it ended CONTINUE MAKING MORE I BEG OF YOU NEVER QUIT PLZ!!!!

Battosai810 responds:

Short? It was 5-6 minutes long, which is pushing it in my opinion.
And don't worry, I'll keep making these for a time to come.


it was very good i'm now waching this make me want to wach all the other tranfmer video's :) its nice to see and srm vid lately you have been postin stuff like the oj vid ... and the alein one i for get whats it called :) well to some it out im happy to see a new srm vid . :)

Battosai810 responds:

Well, I wanted to branch out a little - as much as I love SRM, I like to use other characters once in a while.

Anyway, happy you liked this one. My next flash should be back to basics again, with SRM just doing his thing instead of more Transformers. These flashes are tougher than my regular flashes and really taxing on me, even more than some complicated ones like Fallout 3: Mel's Addiction.

Thanks for the review!

Awesome movie!

It was hilarious all the way through, I loved it!
Thanks for using my music, 2nd place? AWESOME!!

5'd and 10'd!

Battosai810 responds:

That scene wouldn't have worked without your loop!
Glad you liked it :)

Its a new record

possibly the shortest time prime has ever been dead in any transformers series ever
funny to see how melatron had a heart after telling cliffjumper he sucks
and shockwave lived! yay

Battosai810 responds:

Well, on Transformers: Animated Prime died in the first 15 minutes before coming right back. If you add all the SRM Transformers cartoons together you get about 20 minutes of animation, so I think it's pretty possible that it's the same amount of time...

I'm glad to hear you liked it!