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Reviews for "SRM Transformers 4 Part 2"


I would say something like, "Different Strokes for Different Folks," but I actually can't think of anyone who would like this. Please don't think I'm trying to be offensive, I just don't hink Its that good.
I give you a 4 for the two times I laughed and for getting front page with this.
The humor is almost never funny enough, because all the jokes you crack have already been said or are too obvious.
Also, the animation isn't that great, but if you took more time- especially with the characters movemnts and gestures, it could've been. I mean, Jazz's body only had three parts- the body/head and each arm.

Also, do they ever transform? Besides the Decepticon Jets?

Battosai810 responds:

Well, some people really enjoyed this. I don't think it's my best work overall, but it's far from the worst. What were the two times you laughed? If you thought those points were funny, I could incorporate more humor like that. I'm always happy to take suggestions.

On another note, most of the Transformers don't transform in this series. I designed the character models a good long time ago, and the series became a success which really surprised me. I really haven't taken the time to update the characters, which I really regret and I'll admit is lazy.

Thanks for your review, and if you have any other suggestions feel free to PM me.


I think next episode you should make Wuggeh play Ravage

Battosai810 responds:

I think you are a genius and I kick myself for not thinking of this. I will incorporate this idea sometime in the future, and thanks for your suggestion!

Two things

For one that was my faviorete SRM transformers yet! I like Prime's speech right before he dies about dieng every season. Hahahah, also the second thing is what was that Hitlers strawberries thing at the end? My friend thinks it's a teaser for HS 2.

Battosai810 responds:

You're correct, it's a teaser for Hitler's Strawberries 2, whenever that will come out.
Glad you liked it!


why did spudbee have to die? cliffjumper sucks (cries) i want spudbee back atleast he didnt suck lol

Battosai810 responds:

He sucked, just not as much. Don't worry, Cliffjumper's dead so there's room for the Spudbee to come back.

very good

but wouldn't cliffjumper be in prime's body? Otherwise it is a good cliffhanger (not "jumper")

Battosai810 responds:

Well, it's essentially like a heart transplant, not a brain transplant. They usually refer to the "spark" the same as we would refer to a heart, so I thought it was a good enough fit.
More robot organ fun to come in SRM Transformers 5!