Reviews for "PingPongPing"


It's sex.

Penboy responds:



gg but...

well i beat lvl hard 20 round on 2nd time playin game 20-4 & im a noob. so idk if its a glitch but if you put ur paddle all the way in front & middle its almost impossible for him to hit it. gg otherwise


the guy below just informed me how to beat this otherwise hard ass game. tanx bigboykjo

Not too bad..

I did enjoy for a short while. Add extra features and you have a winning game. Also when the ball first comes out maybe reset the player positions, You lose too many points when the the ball comes into play out of nowhere.

Penboy responds:

Oh that sneaky ball.


But i would love it more if is had mouse control.

Penboy responds:

That would be a good option.