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Reviews for "PICONJO resurrection"




i like piconjo

Utter Crap

This was a piece of shit video.
The animation was like a 13 year old did this.
The fighting scene was TERRIBLE. I don't even understand how ANYONE could enjoy this or even appreciate this at all, for as a matter a fact, give it a rating.
None of the funny parts were even remotely funny.
And how the fuck did he know how to fucking talk and use a gun if he was in there for fucking ALL HIS LIFE!?

This video deserves a 0/5

And im sorry that I have an opinion.

Khris responds:

we should be friends ^-^

South park

I fell like i just watched south park.
-bad animation
-bad sound
-And its funny for the bad reasons!


Sir, I would have to disagree with you in a reply you made. While Piconjo does die at an early age (as I call it), he most certainly NOT a misfit. *sighs* Besides, he's one of the most famous Flash Character out there! Even more famous than Pico (hard to believe)! But other than that, now to the flash. It was very good!