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Reviews for "In Utero"


this game was wierd and fun

FetusFulp responds:


this here interactive experience was odd and amusing


is it just me or does it seem that aprils uterus has some weird stuff floating around in it? doesnt seem healthy for her whats in there
really fun ans simple game though

FetusFulp responds:

i think it's just you. i don't see anything out of the ordinary.


can i pick up my placenta flavored medals?
Because i definetly dont trust shipping

i dont want any fucking gasoline flavored placenta medals
shippers are total screw-ups

FetusFulp responds:

we didn't trust FedEx or UPS, either. and we DEFINITELY don't trust the USPS. you can pick them up right hither, in fact, by playing this game. they're digital. just try and imagine what placenta tastes like and then you have safely-delivered placenta-flavored medalz.


well its disturbing but...

needs more work and more upgrades

why is it disturbing you ask?

the babys scream after defeating it with sperm missles...?

FetusFulp responds:


Awesome Game

This Game is Awesome and Hard I have 0 live left that baby's hp was so small And Killed him (That Baby's like stronger than his/her mother)

FetusFulp responds:

gewd job.