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Reviews for "In Utero"


You guys made that hard. Good Job.

FetusFulp responds:

just wait until it's your turn ;3

Ignore the idiot below

as most of us do not lack the ability to turn our sound off...unlike my friend below the game was awesome seemingly coensidign with the broodyness of my gf....

K.I.C.K ASS game....

FetusFulp responds:

i'm not sure which idiot you're talking about, but thanks anyway :3

It......Doesn't work.......

It is't loading for me, just showing a white screen, but i still rate u 10/10 or 5/5!

FetusFulp responds:


you people fucking infuriate me. i can't believe how stupid you have to be to leave a fucking review on something that won't work for you. i don't care if you gave me a 10, how about you try to fucking play it before you leave a review? speaking of which, THIS IS FOR REVIEWS, NOT STUPID FUCKING COMMENTS. THIS ISN'T YOUTUBE

kewl beans

It's really really hard to get that damn no death medal, the boss owns me too much, possibly make a slower attack time?

FetusFulp responds:

nah. ;3

awsome game

i love this game almost got all awards :) just cant kill boss without dyeing XD oh well still fun, i also noticed the crab things that the boss throws up are the same hansel throws in the game "pico bash"

p.s. why do people complain with the upgrade meter, i personally don't see a problem with it

p.s.s. tell tom have another baby so there is a chance of a sequel

FetusFulp responds:

you'll get it eventually, i guess :P

also that's up to Tom and April, lawl