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Reviews for "In Utero"

why so fun

this was a game i expect dumb but you proved me so wrong (ssssssoooooooooooooooooo super duper wrong)

FetusFulp responds:

lol. awright.

well its disturbing but...

needs more work and more upgrades

why is it disturbing you ask?

the babys scream after defeating it with sperm missles...?

FetusFulp responds:


weirdly addictive

I've gotten so addictive to this game, the reason for a 9 is because i'm annoyed I cant beat the boss yet.
Go sperm go!

FetusFulp responds:

you'll get it :3 keep trying!

Funny, entertaining and not too easy: great!

I liked this game a lot, the concept, although not completely original, was definitely implemented well, and there was good (if wierd) humour throughout. Though I do have to wonder what kind of a mentality it takes to come up with enemies like those, especially the boss, I'm now officially afraid of babies and pregant women.

The gameplay was pretty standard, though I think the novelty of what you're doing in the game pushes that up a bit. The graphics were pretty good and well suited to the game, controls were simple and worked well, and the difficulty was spot on; not easy enough to do on your first try, not so hard it was unachievable.

I would have given this a higher score except for it being so short. I know that's what it was intended to be, but I don't see it as right that a game that takes a week to make and a game that takes 3 months to make of the same quality should recieve the same score.

FetusFulp responds:

i like all these comments about pregnancy and babies. they make me laugh :P

that's kinda how most games work nowadays: take a well-known type of game and either put it in a very weird setting or put an interesting twist on the gameplay. games get stale otherwise. just look at the FPS genre in the video game industry. do you think we have enough WWII shooters yet? <_> so you thought the difficulty was spot-on? coo coo cachoo. that issue is so polarizing. lawl.

this game actually took a lot longer than a week. it was mostly due to school and my laziness, but it was actually in development since august '08 :P i'm not sure if it's fair of you to say that this doesn't deserve a high score because other games are better and took longer to make, but whatever.

that boss' spinning-lazer was annoying

otherwise fun, never heard of vaginal fish

FetusFulp responds:

they're real.