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Reviews for "In Utero"

Good Game

But come on dude, gimme a break! You mean that the hardest medal in the entire game is worth ONLY 25 points?? It's pratically impossible to kill that fu**ing boss without dying, to won only 25 points? Man, beating the entire game is easier than kill the boss without dying. Good game anyway.

FetusFulp responds:

i know it's been close to two years, but see my response to Luvinia above for an explanation on that. thank you.

Fun and entertaining game.

the game is pretty intense very hard to play at times and for some of the medals, where you gotta play through without shooting that was abit much, so maybe add some easier possible medals if you can, also its like water so the current of it pulls you in sometimes, you shouldnt make it as hard as it is in the first level, and the boss was a whole nother story, there should be protection areas while fighting the boss, somehow, but with all the troubles it was a pretty good put together game and i had fun with it even if i could only get 1 level, so with all that, i enjoyed it, had some decent graphics and ok gameplay, good game you have here.

make some easy medal options, tone the first level down just a tad, and make the guy have abit more survivability

Fun game abit hard but still entertaining

FetusFulp responds:

what fun are medals if they aren't an obnoxious challenge to get? haha.

the first level, as you put it, is actually the only level. i'm a derp with game programming and couldn't really finangle it all together so this is what it is. there's a kind of unintended protection area with the boss, at least with the snail things. there's a YouTube video showing it, but it's on the bottom of the screen fairly close to the boss himself. anyway it's been nearly three years so it's whatever by now i'm sure.

i've always enjoyed reading your reviews and it's nice to see one from you. thanks for the critique.

Very nice.

The game idea is okay, graphics are good, gameplay is comfortable and easy to adapt to, music is fitting and overall, that's a good game IMHO.

Target acquired!

Funny game... but the medals are crazy!!!