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Reviews for "In Utero"

Everything is good except for the actual game play

The music and graphics are nice, but the actual game play is flawed. The controls are super stiff, which means that you have to press on the key very hard to get it to move. More responsive controls would be a major improvement. Also it would have been nice if you had included a health bar instead of you getting killed by everything.

In addition, there are too many enemies coming at you. Combined with the other issues, it is almost impossible to dodge all the enemies, rocks and the skin. Come to think of it, why does crashing into the skin hurt you? It should be SOLID instead of being possible to fly through so that it doesn't hurt you. One last issue: going off screen kills you. Why does that kill you? Other games don't do that. There should be an invisible shield that prevents the player from going off screen.

All of this results in the game being rather difficult. In fact, I still haven't beaten the first boss of the game because of the problems described, in addition to it having so much health that your weapon is nearly useless even with the maximum upgrade. If the first level is that hard I can't even imagine how hard the rest of the game must be if you manage to get past that boss.

Come to think of it, these problems are almost identical to the ones the game "Silver Surfer" on the NES had. (watch a review of that game or play it and you'll understand immediately what I mean by that) I hope you look at this review and use the feedback to make a better game.

Good humour

Very funny concept. Glad to see April is keeping the tampon companies in business.
Even funnier is reading all your review responses, very entertaining. Thanks for the effort, I would have given up a long time ago.

The art is excellent and the tempo of the music suits the speed of the game.
I know some people dislike the tilting if moving up or down, but I don't think it becomes an issue until the boss.

The first time I got the Preggerz medal I was killed while the boss was dying so didn't get to see the ending. The ending is nicely animated by the way.

I seemed to get major lag even on the lowest quality. Maybe it's just my computer. I'm on firefox.

For those who complain that it's too hard - it's a short game, it would be crap if it wasn't difficult. The first part is easy once you upgrade your weapons. The boss is quite challenging but keep watching its eyes to see what attack is coming next.

Still haven't perfected my boss strategy but I'm determined to get that Aborted medal!

Overall, good effort. Thanks Mr Fetus, perhaps we'll see more from you if Tom gets April up the duff again!



ha got impotent

easy just keep SWIMMING for your life!!!!!!!!1


kinnda coool game

but its a litte bit shorta

but again its a real cool game