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Reviews for "In Utero"


really hard but i got easy 125 points from it so 4/10

this game isn't fun

Get a medal:beat the boss without dying.


The art of the game was very well done and matched the gruesome and strange theme of the game (ahem...reproduction), and the surprisingly catchy music didn't annoy one bit. In fact, I found the strange burping noises the boss makes to be more so. For those stuck trying to get the Aborted medal, an easy way to dodge the boss' upchuck attack is to stay near the the top of the screen. When it closes its eyes, move up quickly to the very top left of the screen. Usually only one of the spirals is spat high enough to worry about, but one instead of four to five is easy to dodge. The other patterns are when its eyes glow red means it's about to shoot the lasers at you, so duck as fast as you can. At half health, it will shoot two out quickly, so you need to duck even quicker and go further down than usually. When it raises its hand, move left or right enough so that you are nearly touching the boss or are at the far left side of the screen to avoid the falling debris (they probably aren't rocks). Try to stay away from the top of the screen when it is about to do this, so you have more time to react and move out of the way. I hope you find these tips helpful.



Amazing game!

Yes, i had to know what face did the first boss put to see what move/attack he was going to do, so it was easy anyways, Awesome game! ;)