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Reviews for "Vegeta Vs Goku"

wow you did a really good job

i quite enjoyed watching that. we all know goku would win in the actual show but we also all know that vegeta is way better. therefore you shoulda given him the win haha.

ifureadthisdie responds:

As i said below "I was gonna make vegeta win but he cheated for his SSJ 4 so naturally it would run out faster :C"


Love it!
Could be abit longer but it still a amasing video :D keep it up

ifureadthisdie responds:

No it couldn't have been longer since it was a part for a collab.


What happened?! I blinked and missed it! O_O

Set this to some fast metal and I'll give it a solid 10.

9/10, 5 in the Portal.

pretty good

but you should add some really good music xD 9/10 and 5/5


Loved it dude, keep up the good work. :)