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Reviews for "Vegeta Vs Goku"


ive seen this kind of flash everywere but its direct to the point, no develoment, it alright, if some people like jinnjuice read the authors coment they would know that this is only part of somthing, not bad 8/10

ifureadthisdie responds:

Thank you for being one of the smart ones that can actually read.


Intense and fast paced.
Short and pointless... sorta.

The animation was basic, so my review is basic.

ifureadthisdie responds:

No one reads to they, READ THE DESCRIPTION!


ive seen many DBZ fights, and this one just didnt stand out. nothing cool really happened that made me think 'nice' or 'badass'.

not to mention it was pretty short, and had no story or anything.

ifureadthisdie responds:

I'm gonna call you a huge idiot for these reasons. One it's SPRITES WHAT WILL YOU EXPECT IT WILL BE UNORIGINAL IDIOT!, 2 Obviously you can't read because i clearly stated IT WAS A COLLAB PART IT IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE LONG OR TO HAVE A STORY YOU ARE A YOU DICK HEAD READ NEXT TIME!


Badass dude nicely put together


the animation wasn't so good but i liked the effects and sounds
you have used and how u used

7/10 3/5