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Reviews for "Vegeta Vs Goku"

loved it....

as a die hard DBZ fan i couldnt help but crack a smile whan i saw this especially when vegeta goes SS and beats the shit out of Goku... nice job, loved the style you went for and you nailed it.. please make more of these

P.S. highest rating i've ever given,

Nice bro

So you put this on Newgrounds too huh?

Good job, although like the guy below said the animation was basic but I know you can do way better anyway. It was still good, better than most sprite movies you see and no errors (didn't catch any).

Keep it up and forget the haters =). Looking forward to more work from you put here.


Epic battle. Especially loved the SSJ4 fight. Great job.


Dude this was really awesome!!!!


were these sprites? cause they were drawn terribley! the flashes and the bright lites were cool and the sound effects were great (so great that infact my sound cut out when they were in the "beam dual")

p.s. this is the lowest rating ive ever given lolz (still good though)

ifureadthisdie responds:

These sprites are pretty good in my opinion and thanks for the review i don't mind the low rating it just means i gotta do better.