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Reviews for "Are You Cool On NG?"

Curses! You got me.

I like how you made the quiz so realistic only to shatter my hopes of a computed conclusion as to my "cool status".

Not mad, just a bit annoyed at my time wasted only to see a rotating penis :P

Now make the real quiz, I must find out if I'm "cool"!


Mechabloby responds:


but glad you were fooled into getting a poor result :3!

Lmao at the score going down so much

People must be pissed that you tricked them. Frankly, I laughed. It was funny, but then I expected it at the same time. Guess I know you too well.

It looked good though, made it seem believable. You did good.

Mechabloby responds:


I'm glad it's pissing people off - I'll tell you the same that I told Sanjay: my intentions were to show people that they don't need any of these rubbish quizzes to tell them if they're a respectable member to a community... it's just pathetic, really.

Glad you got a kick out of it. :0

I find it quite exquisite

For I got the generous score of "You're the badass!"

Mechabloby responds:

well, yes, this does defeat the idea of it being an illegitimate quiz - if you don't like your results, try again and be sure that it won't give the same result twice! :}

Very clever.

At first I felt dejected due to the "Fuck You" song and series of brush-tool dicks, but then I realised that that's apparently your results no matter what. All-in-all, a very funny prank.

Mechabloby responds:

thnx bbz ;

OMG Please?

I'm sorry but if you're gonna put a song with the F-Bomb in the lyrics and draw a brush-tool penis, don't submit this as "Suitable For All Audiences"

Mechabloby responds:

i'm sorry, but i was under the influence that THIS WAS A FREE COUNTRY