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Reviews for "Avoid Swine Flu"

Great tips!

Its good to see a game news-related.

Your school closed down?

l33tSt0rmy responds:

Yeah, we're closed all next week, and we don't even have to make it up!

the glitch

Yea, it has a glitch, good game other wise. fix the glitch and we are all good to go! :)

l33tSt0rmy responds:

thanks for letting me know. I guess I just forgot to go to that part of the map when I was testing it.... It's fixed now, anyway.

Simple yet entertaining

Great job using the swine flu in a simple fun game. Keep it up.


Good stuff. I hope this never happens to me. The blue bigs were irresistable...

Thanks for using my song!!! :D


my school got cancelled for 2 weeks cuz of this shit

go swine flu!