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Reviews for "Avoid Swine Flu"



Meh. It's okay. Kind of easy for a Touhou player though... Different levels of difficulty maybe? =D


Just the sheer mindlesness of this game had me playing it two or three times. Not bad.


Very Fun But Try and fix that glitch at the tiny rock and the pond. as soon as u hit the tiny rock u glitch outa the map.

the glitch

Yea, it has a glitch, good game other wise. fix the glitch and we are all good to go! :)

l33tSt0rmy responds:

thanks for letting me know. I guess I just forgot to go to that part of the map when I was testing it.... It's fixed now, anyway.


There is a glitch where if you move on the left of the tiny rock on the pond you go through the map.

But it was still fun!