Reviews for "Monster Hunter Shorts 1"


This is a pretty damn fine effort at a monster hunter flash! Keep at it! Why aren't more people doing this?!?!?!?!?! NIce dude! Use my monster hunter remix audio if you want =]

Funny, especially the first skit.

However, I feel I am doing a personal favor to you when I say this. Equip is pronounced E-Kwip. Not E-Kewp. Just thought I'd let you know. I had no idea what you were trying to say when that came on.... Not to be rude.
Funny. Wish you'd make more.

Haha :)

I love monster hunter and the first one is so true :P
more and better jokes though
Like maybe when you jump while sprinting away you become invulnerable for some reason :)
just an idea

Deco-John5 responds:

Hahhhh Extally I was thinking about that a little then I give up on it because I con't make a good joke, but I well think about it again XD.
thanks for passing by and the communt ^^.

Not bad

I love the monster hunter serie ^^.
The joke was not bad but need a litlle improvement in art.

Deco-John5 responds:

hmmm I should have you say wow to the secound one then if I improve my art line that Is, gana try some test on animetion style then stick with one and then make the new one.
thanks for passing by.


the humour was really good, i know how annoying it is whetstoning in the middle of a charge but the animation was mediocre at best and the talk animations seemed to go on far too long after they had talked and you even got some of the colours wrong

improve a bit and release the next one :)

Deco-John5 responds:

really? well I should take better care of art.
and hahh the whetstoning in PS2 is better I guess (I only played it on PSP and it's a little more annoying then PS2)
thanks for passing and cummonting I hope you like my other staff that well come.