Reviews for "Race."


I laughed when they were keep fighting to win. Keep up the good work.

I wanted the blue guy to win.

fireman3521 responds:

Lol, thanks.

Idk why but Everyone i showed the movie to said " I wanted the blue one to win " ^^.


This was rad as hell for a first submission! There is nothing in particular that I could point out to fix or improve on. Black stick is a cheatin' ass! Blue should have won.


fireman3521 responds:

Thanks for your comment.
I know i can improve a lot, And I will. ;)


Im not really one fo stick animation but this could change my mind =D pritty cool for a first submission. keep it up :)

fireman3521 responds:

Yeah, Im sure a lot of people rated 0 without wathcing it when they saw the sticks :P
Thanks for comment !


Awsome, I loled when pink fell at the start. I wanted him to win since he was the funniest

fireman3521 responds:

lol, thanks for your comment.


Holy shiz...this is effing awesome...almost better than shock 2, or one, which ever you like better ~.0

fireman3521 responds:

Thank you, But this is no where close to Shock :P
Glad you liked it though !