Reviews for "Race."

Epic Win

Very great first flash man. Solid, smooth animation and I actually lol'd a couple of times :P. Good job on this.

fireman3521 responds:

Thanks for your comment :)
Really apreciated.


I laughed when they were keep fighting to win. Keep up the good work.

I wanted the blue guy to win.

fireman3521 responds:

Lol, thanks.

Idk why but Everyone i showed the movie to said " I wanted the blue one to win " ^^.


Pretty decent animation, i think you've pretty much got your fighting animations nailed aswell as the blood, I think you should maybe work on your running animations a little, they seemed a little bit too walky if you know what I mean. Next time maybe try make hings look a little more exciting by putting a background in or something, overall i liked it. Good job! =D

fireman3521 responds:

Thanks for you comment.
I'll pratice more and more during next months.


nobody won that was unexpected good flash, arms coulda been longer, any ways 4/5 lolololololol

fireman3521 responds:

thanks a lot :)

Very good for a first.

I was surprised. The quality is higher than you first expect.
Keep on working on improving. Add more content. Maybe flesh out the stick figures. More action.

you have a lot of room to improve, but this is not a bad start. Keep the momentum!

fireman3521 responds:

Thanks for your comment ^^
Next one will be better .