Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

good work i like it

Holy %@%^@#%@#$^#!&%^*$#!$&#^ this game is cool. Matt is certainly creative when it comes to using other people's work into his view of adventure. Sure, the last boss CANNOT be killed, it's still creative to have zombie Goku... xd.

You need to fix Epic Mode, that is THE biggest load of crap. I'm all prepared and ready to face Goku and when I have that son of a bitch in the red and nearly beaten he comes out of nowhere and kills me and beats me.

I AM done until you fix that load of crap.

Wonderful game with all the action you could hope for. I've seen this around for a long time but never clicked on it. I'm sure glad I did today!

I love this game. It really brings back memories of the old final fantasy games. I like all your games and hope you continue to make such marvelous games. You are by far my favorite Newgrounds game creator.