Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

This game is good

I love this game its so fun

<3 Awesomesauce

I personally love turn based games.

I'm not sure why people keep complaining about a pause feature when you don't really need one for turn-bases games. But I do agree that you need a save feature or atleast checkpoints because everytime I die I started at the beginning.

Also there's a massive glitch going on at the moment where it doesn't save any of my medals. Last game I played I got another 4 medals and it never saved.

Overall I love this game. The characters are funny. The attacks are well-thought-out. Keep up the good work.

Maybe next time make the whole thing all of your work. The pichu was a good idea, but kinda spoiled it by not being totally yours.

It was okay

Not my favorite game, but there's nothing wrong with it either. I can tell you worked hard on it.

My biggest complaint would be that, at least as far as I could tell, there's no way to pause the game, no way to save your progress, no way to come back to it later... I was getting ready to watch a movie on my computer when I started playing this, thinking I could see what it was and come back to it, but there was no way to do so without losing my progress. I couldn't even find a mute button so I could leave the game open while watching my movie. Something along those lines would have made the entire experience better for me.

I did enjoy the Regi- pokemon appearances though, and the zombie Goku at the end was a nice feature. Perhaps my favorite thing about the game was the art gallery... I enjoyed looking at your work. I can tell you put some effort into it, and that you care about what you do.

Keep making games, I'm sure they'll only get better from here.

Pretty nice!

Not the best out there, but pretty dang good.
I was expecting a little more plot, a bit more length, and some leveling up mechanics would have been better, but still good.

thats coo.

its like a FF kind of thing, good job