Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

I finally beat it. After 6 freakin years. I love this game, it has good bosses and plenty of abilities. I only beat it on easy because I died at the turrent on epic. this game is hard if you dont know what to do and at the end, I only killed the boss because Mog brought be a max elixir after the whole area before. I also managed to keep healing at a steady rate and won. YAY. Welp, off to the second one! (And I wasnt logged in when I beat Goku ;^;.) (p.p.s. to the person below. Its has no save system due to the fact you are supposed to be careful and buy what youll need at the stores. A save would make it too easy.)

My sister lost to Goku, then got depressed and is now eating ice-cream. I like the game, it's alright, it's just a shame there isn't the option to save.

You see, I'm kind of an idiot in what comes to games like this, not even FF7... so I can't really complain yet I got perseverance on my side, I'll keep trying... Is that, or this game is as hard as everyone says...

I really don't get what everyone loves about this game. Extremely boring and repetitive. As soon as you start, the game instantly bombards you with tons and tons of abilities to the point where it kinda feels like I'm picking up where someone else left off rather than starting a new game.

Even though this game is just one long series of battles, it's so good. The graphics and sound are good, sure, but the real draw here is the battle system with so many options. Everything your characters can do is useful in some way, and it feels perfectly balanced. The normal difficulty is fairly difficult, so if you're inexperienced, you may want to try the easy mode.

And if you find the Epic difficulty too hard, maybe you shouldn't give the game a terrible rating just because of that. *glares at review three below mine*