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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

Epic win

The game is great. You might want to add in some storyline or sidequests next time though. The "fight rest fight rest" cycle is pretty boring.


It's very good, the combat is well put together. I only got to the giant slime boss and I want to keep playing until I beat the whole game.

Really fun, buuuuut

When I got to the level past the Pokémon boss, my player 1 (guy with the sword) had exactly 1 mana left, then the little mog guy flew in and handed my player 1 a Max Ether. Then I went to my Boshido commands, and my special commands, and it wouldn't let me use any of my spells, it said I didn't have enough mana. I lost. :(


A few small issues here and ther but overall it's a great game!

way too easy

even on the hardest difficulty it was till cake, I see what you were tyrying to do but nothing was really original... ill give it a 4 anyways though....