Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

So much content! So little time

I had so much fun on this. And all the references to other cartoons and animes were cool. The battle system was good but what I liked most is that you get to start where you would be at the end of any RPG! So you get the best without any work




You're a fan of Golden Sun, huh?
Obvious 10/10

Epic work!!!

Here are the secret medals:

Art Guy-View the gallery.
Credits Guy-View the credits.
Chaos-Summon Catastrophe.
Fail-Get a game over.
Owned-Get more than 10,000 damage to you.
Punching bag-Get lots of damage.
Terrorist-Buy ten bombs.
I like swords- Try out every sword.
Pervert-Keep clicking those.... boobs.

Anyway, this is epic!

how do u get the pervert medal?

its all in the title and also this game is awesome! my fave part is when u use power metal or whatever it was called