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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy"

I remember when I was playing this game around Middle School, in the computer lab with my best friend. That was roughly 12 years ago for me, give or take. And finally, I've finally beaten this game. I loved it back then, and even now, it's so fun to play. It feels so good to finally get past the Mecha and slay Zombie Goku myself. And it's so amazing to play this game after beating 3 and buying 4 and 5.

Amazing game, but 4 gives me more nostalgia. 5 stars for sure though.

Definitely shows its age, but I played it a lot as a kid and it still holds up well enough! Keep making new ones and I'll keep buying them ;)

Playing this blind, and without any nostalgic connection to this games was an experience.
It's obviously outdated, It's obviously monotonous, but, I didn't realy expect anything diffirent, I'm playing these games one by one, and since this game is just the first game, it's obvious it gets much better from here.
all in all, a good game, not much to say, considering how short it is. Looking forward to the rest of the series.