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Reviews for "Da Pink Knight"

Nice Omage(sp?) to Castle Crashers

Im scoring this on pure humor casue im guessing that was its intention lol the games itself is terrible no offense but funny as shit i love the king at the begining lmao XD


give a heads on the controls and y a pink knight

How to beat this

Shield, wait, attack, run, repeat. By the way, it looks like the blue guy is hyperventilating, i guess after fighting the wizard for 3 hours, failing, then being
kidnapped, he couldn't take it anymore. XD

XD this is funny

pink knight uses slap it does 3768437489378478397487328273507328947 2385783743087893729779823789274878974 2878787387274387487489274384723473840 2895727473258927408598747938597394895 7985983849375902947320893747938490849 2849289084982904829849082903894890849 5790289473984938493840938843094890894 8294829082908984902848349289048904829 084928593479589 damage! giant wood robot defeted youve earned 6439783684732984732987 XP

fantastic gameplay

took a little bit to get the timing down. once i figured out that, it was just a matter of getting a pattern. the magic attack was very helpful because as soon as i used it i just released "A" to be in guard position. with that i was able to rush in at the guy after he attacked (while im guarding) throwin' magic, release a (to guard), dash, rinse repeat (until boss changes the rythem).

you will be able to see the bosses armor bar slowly decline the more you attack, the key in the beginning is combos (air worked quickest) once the armor was gone, the little green midget revealed himself for you to bash away.

very nice challenge though! thanks