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Reviews for "Da Pink Knight"


A good game.But frustrating.
The art is good,and i think the gameplay itself is.
Sheesh,getting stunned and punched everytime isnt so fun...

I think this game is great

It's just a boss fight but it's one awesome boss fight. The different obstacles always keeps the mind thinking. I was able to achieve some of the medals. It was definitely a really challenging game the first time i played it.

Lots of fun, Like a retro boss battle

like the good old days, its all about memorizing what he does, and blocking and attacking at the right time. Just cause you suck, doesn't mean you should give a fun game a bad score. Beat it on my first try. Hope you make a sequel


I know what what I feels like to be raped

Nice Omage(sp?) to Castle Crashers

Im scoring this on pure humor casue im guessing that was its intention lol the games itself is terrible no offense but funny as shit i love the king at the begining lmao XD