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Reviews for "Da Pink Knight"


If the pink knight was a boy, he'd be MANLY.
If the knight was a girl... Your idea.
Good game anyways.

Do you play as a girl or a dude?

Just wanna know.......


i dont know why the mayorty dislike the game. i like it. by the way. i wanted something more... longlasting? anyways i enjoyed the game, but sometimes i get mad by the spam combos of boss.


I wont talk much...but my sentiments match others - this game is cheap! I gave up after getting hit in a 4 hit combo being juggled off walls, bouncing on the ground, then getting hit by the damn saw...all before i could move again. - And by the way the xp drain is another slap in the face.

holy fuck

haevnt been so angry over a game for a really long time.
not sure if its good or bad, still...