Reviews for "Tankmen: Incursion"

absolute madness

Its like your madness tribute, but a game. which is supreme win!
this is just amazing. its a little hard on the eyes at first, but after your eye virginity is taken its all pleasure from there on out. ;)

i cant bare to not be playing it.

this game is an aura sandwhich

this game has just about every part that can be in atmosphere

-3-d effect
-lighting effects (etc)
-camera effects

this was a really great game, gameplay and atmosphere, a more aggressive version of metroid.

high five,

oh god

PLEASE fix the camera!!!

Only one word is needed.


austinclark is right...

The camera works with you just fine, you all must be thrown off by the awesomely vibrant artwork.
The game isn't very easy, nor is it very difficult. Its just like a lot of the flash games normally found on the internet where it has the same style of game play.
Personally, I found this to be pretty freakin' sweet.