Reviews for "Tankmen: Incursion"

great game

why you don't make a game like this with madness character?

Nice game with flaws

The art style reminded me of Madness: Deux Es Machina. Unrealistic and confusing, but excitable once you've mastered the style. The moving cam kinda made this game even harder; you can't kinda 'lock on' to an enemy, you had to keep checkin if your cursor was on a bullet or a orb. It would be better with mouse controls.

shaky cam not a fan

amazing graphics of characters animations, but the camera ruins it hurt your eyes with that much zoom in zoom out shakiness zooms in a riduculous amount on some spots then out and shakes so you can t hit anything and die

Great game.

Great music.Great background.GHreat graphics.Great Everything.I give 8 because it would be perfect if it were a little easier and if it had a storyline.With that would be perfect.


so damn HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!