Reviews for "Tankmen: Incursion"


i finaly killd the last buoss and it was a bitch to kill it T_T


Like others the zoom-in and out thing was annoying. It's hard to aim since you can only aim in 8 directions, but I really really like the art style, and it needs a story to it. Maybe make the mouse the aim-er and have the WAS and D keys for move, have spacebar for jump and double jump and first mouse for shoot. Make the camera zoom in and out slower and less often and in the beginning of every level you are attacked immediately, and start RIGHT at the edge, making you fall off... Which is really annoying...

sucks balls

whats with zooming in and out? either way it sucks

Aura: Evil

This is just another one of those arrows to move, space to jump games.
There's no storyline. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though.
Your enemies came at you at random. When they shoot you, you fall back. REALLY FAR
The games very hard to control and it'll scare of beginners.
. It's much too hard to NOT die in the beginning.
Shooting things sent you flying and the enemies. The first enemies you see, are crazy difficult to kill. The screen zoomed in and out and that basically ruined the game. Frankly speaking the gameplay sucks.
The music wasn't catchy, but at least you gave an effort.
The real reason this game got 3/10 from me was the grafix. They are fancy and creative and completely Porxicide's own. But, we all know, grafix don't count for everything.

Not bad.

Needs a storyline, make another one with that and actual objectives and the game will kill.