Reviews for "Tankmen: Incursion"


both this and the Madness Rising flash have incredible animation!
this game is really hard, but its so awesome!
dynamic camera may take some getting used to, but that doesn't take away from the rest of the game, awesome work


I have never seen a so polished Flash game Graphically talking
the dinamic camera was nice but a little annoying but is Ok
the ambient and FX sounds were fine
i liked the idea of boost yourself with the Laserguns
i really would like to see a Continue feature as some bosses are very tough.

The game was good, but...

The dynamic camera makes it almost impossible to play.



Its great, but...

I have to admit, the graphics are Proxicide made, and its actually kinda cool that we get to play something like this.
But, its WAY too hard. That Drifter boss (Thats what it said over its health bar) keeps killing me. the game takes a few tries to get used to, and even then you have trouble NOT dying. I've also seen hearts sometimes when I destroy an enemy. what do they do (and don't say restore life, because it never did that with me).
A few ideas for ya:
1. Get rid of the lives, and just tell us how many times we died when we're done (like The Hardest Game Ever, but a little more fun.)
2. Make a training room where beginners can learn how to fight the right way.
3. Make the random encouters a little more easy, like regular people instead of flying machines that use walls to hide from your attacks
4. (MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL) in the pause menu, give us a choice on difficulty, and something that lets us upgrade our life and guns. The points needed can be gained from destroyed enemies (ex. normal enemies = 5 points, while boss = 50 points.) You can make the upgrades cost as mch as you want.
Even if you don't read this, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going to agree with me, and probably post some ideas themselves.
Just do us all a favor and make it easier.