Reviews for "Tankmen: Incursion"

play button does not work

stupid game because i click play when its loaded but nothing happens its like ng is banning me from playing with them making it not work when i press the play button so you need to fix it man because i cant play it.

This game is awesome. Nice graphics here, fun gameplay. You did a good job man.

Madness: Duex Ex Machina?

Its super hard to play, but I felt like I was the Clown and was raping shit up. XDDD cool game, but just a with bugs u gotta fix.

frustrating as hell but very cool

this game is very impressive its design is great and the idea is cool but 1 its REALLY fucking hard, 2 the v power up is very annoying at far range if i were you i would have not put it in in the first place, 3 the dynamic camera is a pain in the ass, there should be a way to turn off the dynamic camera. There should be a way to lower the difficulty