Reviews for "Tankmen: Incursion"

Amazing game with a big flaw

And that would be the camera. Other than that, it's a beautiful game and I think it would have a much higher score. The camera bothered me at some points, but it wasn't so bad that I would give you any less than a 7/10 - 4/5. It is an awesome concept and I think with some adjustments to the camera, it could do wonders for the gameplay. Great game that deserves a better score, I give it a 9/10 - 5/5.

ehhh, ive seen better

i gotta agree with everyone else and say that the gameplay kills this, it wasnt necessarily a bad game, it simply had bad mechanics. and 4 lives? that was being kinda chintzy there. good idea, improve on gameplay.

Amazing graphics but poor game-play

As the title suggests, this was some truly good looking shit. Everything was very detailed and pleasing to the eye, well done on the art.

I have a problem with the game-play though. At first, I just though that I sucked at this game, but apparently other people seem to agree with my observations. It's very difficult to aim at levitating robots that are able to phase through walls while the camera is going beserk, as well as having to watch out for pitfalls that would lead me to my demise. Enemies also cause quite a bit of knock-back with their attacks, further leading to pitfalls.

Great work on the art, but the game needs to be a tad easier.

Poor Camera Man! Drugs are Bad!

So, the game looks amazing and I would totally play it through to the end, if only the camera wasn't always freaking out and messing up. I couldn't shoot one bot because it was just at the edge of causing the camera to zoom in/out. So, the camera just zoomed in and out in fast succession and I couldn't do anything until the bot killed me. Also, allow the player some time to react at the beginning of a level before being shot once and pushed off the level.

Overall, good looking game with great potential, but a few flaws prevent it from being anything noteworthy.

It's amazing.

The graphics were stunning. As soon as the menu came on I was... shocked. The gameplay was great too, I liked the shakey camera and controls. It was also the right level of difficulty.

Great job.