Reviews for "Tankmen: Incursion"


I mean the music, the background, art, effects it was just perfectly weird. but the camera was so freakin annoying that I stoped after 5 minutes.

I dislike the camera.

I cannot see where I am or where I am supposed to go. I also think the recoil is a little strong. However, the graphics are beautiful and this game has the "epic" feel to it, by which I mean it makes you feel cool just playing it. Doing the crazy flips and whatnot is sweet! I also wish there was a way to heal or replace lives. Yanno, like a 100 coins=a life type thing. The song choice was excellent. It reflected the mood of the game as well as being a good piece anyway. Good job!


whats the ingame tune i like it


Needs cock jokes though

geat game

This is an epic game but it would be better on the Wii PS3 and XBOX360 this the game thatshould be on a console