Reviews for "A Bad Taste of Pico"


i love the game :D


As if the gore level was not enough, gameplay was fun and challenging, nice work!

"Very good"

10/10 & 5/5

It was good, i liked the game. The graphics were good, the animal's graphics looked good, Pico has a very nice graphic, i liked how you made the cooler graphics for Pico. Also the songs were also good, nice song picks. Anyways you guys are very creative in making games like this.

QUESTION: So this was submitted at Pico Day?

Good traps to get to the bosses, very good job. I couldn't get through them, but anyways, i haven't went to the end of the game, but do they have more than one weapons? If there aren't, you should fix that part, i really need more than one weapons like a bazooka, a shot gun, a knife, a sword, or even more weapons that are powerful!

There are nothing i hated. Everything was nice, like the Artists, the musics, and the one who did the programming, added to my favorites, you deserve a 5/5 right now. And i got almost all the weapons but i only need 2 secret medals. Also the medals were nice, next year, you should make a sequel. Man, this game is SO good.

The first time i played the game, i was like, "The game looks real fun." And once i played it, i was like "OMFG!" And i played the whole day than i slept until it was 1 o'clock than i had to turn off the computer and i was like, "NO!" LMFAO. Ok, so here are my scores:
Graphics: 10/10
Comedy: 10/10 (Because of the chickens.)
Music: 10/10
Animation: 10/10
Creative: 10/10
Total Score: 10/10
Word: Very nice game! Added to my favorites.

Now i hope you love and enjoy my review.

10/10 & 5/5


Great game great graphics good music nice job.Only thing I think it needed was like be able to get different weapons.Thanks for making it and can't wait till your next.


Wow. That was very good. I like the way you drew pico. Very.....um.......Dangerous looking. This game had really good animation and graphics and was simply......:cough:..........FREAKIN' AWESOME!