Reviews for "A Bad Taste of Pico"


Definitely amazing.

Terrific Gaming

Great game full of lots of ways to complete, if your lazy or otherwise. I did find one glitch though, on my first playthough, I got up to the second mind car level, and then quit to go back to the first level to murder everyone in the arcade because I cba pressing the menu button, force of habbit, anyways, I clicked back on the game and it took me to the machine bit right before the last level, missing a whole level of fun :O.

I have 4 outta 6 achievments, and I was wondering, where is Nene and how on earth do I get the meat is murder achievment? I am baffled.

Hint for people who hate those gun birds- Jump and keep shooting, that way they'll always miss, it also works on those miniscule chicks but not the hammer ones I don't think.

Joelasticot responds:

The bug you encountered was a mistake on my part - fixed now!

As for Meat is Murder... There's a hint in your review! And you must start on level 1!
And Nene is in a box, of course :D

just a few pointers

it was really fun but I just want to give you pointers, first you should put more health and health packs (weed) in it, Secaond you should have a whole weapon selection, and third you should have a little more characters.

Nice job!

This is awesome! Nice style of graphics.

Pico Day!

I like this one.