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Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


i did not get it and anamasion sucked big balls wate a one minut wasentg that wat da ending waz a bout u fucking perv but at lest u tryed

I am the scavengeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekjlahsdlkfhaeeeeeer

Ah man, you messed up the ending. Such an anticlimax. Dick jokes for Pico ? Are you serious ? This isn't close to be the truth. If you put Nene hentai or random school shooting, that would have actually beenn funnier.
What a letdown, that's all I can say. This had a good beginning, you let yourself go to the ease then.


are so funny man and...haaa....ñamñam...HAAA.....no... ok man you do grat and i going to put and blam this piece.....of art? :D no a 5 stars yes 5 stars!


The main character was annoying to listen to.
This whole cartoon seems driven souly by self-relevence.
I stopped watching when you did the dick joke

Sorry if I'm being critical, the only good thing about the whole flash was the underline. This would have been fine if not for the horrible voice acting and stale internet joke (like fail and your mother. These jokes never get funny TRUST ME!)