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Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


i thought it was funny, i dont know what else to say. only thing i guess is more pico


that was pretty funny. although i cant help but feel some NG pop culture mix ups; it would have been more humorous if a renowned mod like 'eyelovepoozy' banned him, and if the mouth blasts had the signature red lips and bulging eyes, but that's me, and I'm not that importiant :D

anyhow great job! and just like last time tom at the end made me shit bricks!

That was pretty funny

I like the weird as hell style this series has. Its also pretty true even if it is a bit exaggerated. What sucked about it was it used that "firin mah lazar" crap that loads of people put in to try and get a cheap luagh. I don't find that thing funny atall and it just annoys me when it pops up in a cartoon that was going brilliantly and didn't need it at all. I know you were just kidding about the charile the unicorn creator thing, but if your going to use that thing to get luaghs its a bit ironic don't you think?.

Also, its a girl that makes Charile the unicorn.

Not as funny

Come on, man. You can do better than this. The laser part made me lol though.

Crap... cant think of any jokes I wanna see...

try making fun of all of the crappy hentai flashes that are mass produced onto this site every day.


good submission