Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Pico"


Summary says it all.

enjoyed alot

this was funny lol, i like your cartoons specially the messed up bible stories, i guess i would like to see life in the portal: on awesome videos (egoraptor) or the parody rangers


Best Flash of all time. The plot is great, the sound quality is great, the music is great. It reminds me of those old cartoons, the Looney Toons stuff. The drawings are amazing, and of course, the humor is incredible! Especially the Snork part.
"Good luck banana hair. Oh yeah? Well you look like a snork. Fulp you." Amazing.

Samination responds:

All-Time?! Really? I doubt that, but thanks! XD


that was when they said he was banned he was all fu! hehe he was about to say f**k

Samination responds:

He is actually saying "FUUUUUULP". :P

funny like hell

that was a stroke of genuis by it self he was all like dear newground i would like to learn more about pico - you have been banned by mindchamber. ah that point i fell of my seat i decided to stay down there beacuase i knew i would fall off again. anyways great flash and the ending was FTW hope to see more soon.